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Automotive Waste

Tires, Batteries, oil, fuel, solvents

While we can process some of these materials (tires/car batteries) they require special handling and a "per-item" surcharge will be added depending on that cost.  Others cannot be processed since they are hazardous

Household items

oil based paints & laquers, refrigerants, large appliances, inks/resins

While latex paint cans are safe to discard the paint should be fully dried; wet paint that spills into the dumpsters will result in a repaint fee.  Some appliances can be disposed of but additional charges will apply


contaminated soils/ absorbants, railroad ties, asbestos, infectious waste, pesticides, industrial drums, adhesives/solvents

There are many legal ramifications with EPA and OSHA about the disposal of hazardous items and any of these may be requested to be removed on site or a hazmat fee charged if found by VersaMax when dumping

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